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    Princess V52

    Celebrate with us

    Enjoy any kind of celebration, like birthday and pre-wedding parties or anniversary on-board.

    Private Daily Cruises

    Reserve a Private, Daily Cruise for Finding Out the Natural Beauty of Corfu.

    Custom Charters

    Create your own, personalized cruise, lasting more than one day or even a week.

    Step Onboard

    Professional & Friendly Crew

    The owner and the crew of the motor boat Princess V-52 place emphasis on providing their guests with excellent services. They are always in contact with guests and show willingness and readiness concerning the requirements of every person on-board. There is the opportunity of providing hosting services as well, while guests will surely be offered first-class hospitality services, that may create a unique atmosphere while on-board. The crew members of our company are competent in Greek and English.


    Greek & English

    Master Bedroom


    Master Bedroom Bathroom






    Living Room


    Twin Bedroom


    Twin Bedroom



    Sunbeds (Front)




    Sunbeds (Back)
    Our Base

    Gouvia Marina

    Gouvia Marina is situated very close to the town centre of Corfu (app. 6 km) and is considered the biggest marina, since it offers over 1200 berths for boats and yachts. Numerous yachts and motor boats, arriving on Corfu from foreign countries anchor at Gouvia Marina, which provides not only a wide range of technical boat services but also a lot of facilities for a potential visitor.


    Sailing in the Ionian Sea

    Plan your next cruise with our yacht “Thalassopoulia” in order to explore the most amazing sites on Corfu, mainland and the surrounding Ionian Islands within the Ionian Sea, boasting amazing natural beauty, rich underwater life and unparalleled beaches with diverse surrounding environments or explore some hidden destinations and caves that can be only accessed by boat.

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